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I truly believe in the power of relationships and that’s why I chose eXp, a company focused on helping agents and brokers succeed professionally and grow financially. We are committed to helping one another, we grow together and we celebrate each other’s successes. Constantly learning, sharing knowledge, improving our businesses, and setting bigger goals is what we do best. We support all types of agents around the world, everyone is welcome! We have brokers, teams, individual agents, and also brand new agents. Our group is worldwide, we have agents in almost all the states in the US, in Canada, Portugal, Mexico, France and we are looking to expand to all the other countries that eXp is operating, so you can join us from absolutely anywhere! Over the months it has grown exponentially, changed so many lives and we can help you change yours. Join us!

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Bonus You Have Access To:


  Nancy Rocha

Relocation Certified Real Estate Agent · Marketing Partner
Visited numerous countries, 5 home bases & English, Portuguese, Spanish Speaking
· Previous real estate marketing manager and realtor support at Century 21
· Specialized in realtor training & online presence growth including social
media strategies, web development & management 
· Worked with 300+ agents


Broker · Mentor · Professional Coach
· 27 years overall in real estate
· 16 years of selling real estate
· 11 years in Real Estate Management with:
Keller Williams, RE/MAX and Century 21
· Expert in busine
ss growth, development & accountability
· Managed and coached over 1100 Realtors

  Natalie Forde


  Rob Vivian

Professional Coach · Trainer · Author
· Owner of Rob Vivian Coaching
· 35 years overall in real estate
· 25 years of coaching & training
· Over 60,000 coaching calls & conducted 000's of seminars
· Published 5 motivational books & offers development programs
· Last year agents averaged 40-50 deals per person! 



  Johanna Cabildo

Marketing Partner · Personal Branding Specialist · Brand and Communications Strategist

· Experience working with Innovative Real
Estate Agents

· Over 10+ years working with Social Media and Branding

· Expert in developing Brand Reputation, Customized Marketing Material, Social Media management, and more!


What You Get When You Partner With Me:
Exclusive To Our Group Only


Coaching Sessions

This coaching is the perfect add-on to boost your business. You'll get laser focused on yearly goals by breaking the year into 90 day cycles. Live stream Q&A sessions are facilitated by Rob Vivian Monday's at 1-2pm to keep your business on track with market trends/stats and help to guide your clients in the best possible way.


Goal Tracking

We work with you to create a customized business plan that is tailored to your specific needs. Our plans are created to provide detailed insights on topics such as growth opportunities, profitability, operational cost efficiencies and more.


Accountability Sessions

We'll talk about your goals and how you're doing with them at our accountability sessions. We can also brainstorm ways to make things easier, discuss obstacles, and set up reminders.

Agent Attraction System

We offer opportunities to agents who would like to have additional income streams via revenue share. We have a marketing and sales system that can increase your commissions by hundreds and even thousands of
dollars each month.



Our buyer and seller checklists are designed to help your clients to prepare for the process of selling
or buying of a home ensuring that no details are overlooked.


We provide you buyer, seller and lease questionnaires that provide valuable prompts when proceeding with clients, and may help identify some blind spots you hadn't considered.



Our personalized presentation slides are clear, concise and easy to convey. Guaranteeing the client can make a simple, smart and informed choice during the decision-making process. These slides are a key tool to showcase ultimately why they should work with you.


Social Media  

97% of consumers use the internet to find a business, in fact you are probably here because of that very reason. This is why having a great online presence is so important right now! We assist agents in a way that will drive results and take their business to the next level.



We provide you access to our growing help support group that facilitates insightful, informative topics and improves overall positive connections within our network.


What Does eXp Offer?

eXp Realty is proving to be one of the hottest brokerages in the world. eXp ranked in the top four of several categories of the elite 2022 RealTrends 500 Report, including being named the No. 1 Independent in the U.S., the No. 1 mover in transactions and the No. 1 mover for sales volume percentage over a five-year period. 

Join our ever-expanding worldwide network of over
86,000+ like-minded agents, partners, and industry professionals spread across 24 different countries and counting. With the world's fastest-growing real estate agency, you'll discover new opportunities to earn, learn, and grow.

eXp Realty equips agents with
cutting-edge tools and services to help them expand their businesses. Top-tier lead-generation software, transaction management, content marketing tools, and optional advertising support are all included. 

Agents have access to substantial training, 50+ hours of weekly live training, to help them take their skill sets to the next level. Top trainers from across the world, like the renowned Grant Cardone, have formed exclusive ties with us. Learning opportunities for both new and experienced agents!


Keep 80-100% of your commissions
and enjoy a low $16,000 company cap


Agent Financial Rewards   

No desk fees. No royalty fees. No franchise fees.
Agents at eXp Realty can receive
revenue share from the sales activity of the productive agents they sponsor into the company. Revenue share is paid by eXp Realty and doesn’t reduce agent commission providing the industry’s most rewarding agent experiences!


  Agent Equity Program

Offers every agent the unique opportunity to become a shareholder in the company, and celebrate the company’s financial success. Agents can earn equity awards for various achievements such as closing their first transaction as well as the opportunity to earn back their yearly commission cap in stock.


Powerful Suites of Tools  

eXp Realty equips agents with cutting-edge tools and services to help them expand their businesses. Top-tier lead-generation software, transaction management, content marketing tools, and optional advertising support are all included. Agents have more authority and visibility into key business indicators like transactions, commissions, capping status, and awards thanks to eXp's proprietary platform.


Lead Generation & Marketing

Provides agents with kvCORE, a powerful platform that offers end-to-end, lead-to-contract management, including web and IDX, listing promotion, transaction integration and more. All eXp Realty agents receive the full agent version of kvCORE at no additional cost!


Low-carbon Footprint

This unique cloud-based model allows us to drastically reduce our carbon footprint. It provides the opportunity to move towards a paperless world, and helps us reduce the costs associated with physical office spaces, which means the eXp model is not only green, but truly borderless for our agents and partners around the world.


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